Big data against childhood Obesity

Children and adolescents with obesity have a higher risk of developing various diseases later on, compared to children without obesity. The reasons why some children become obese are complex, and behaviour, the living environment, and public health policies all play a role. BigO collects and analyses anonymous data on children's behavioural patterns and their living environment. With advanced analytics BigO extracts data-driven evidence on which local factors are involved, and how these factors influence childhood obesity in Europe.

With this information BigO will be able to advice clinics and public health authorities on how to develop and plan effective programs and policies in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

Latest News

The BigO project on eHealth2021

6 April 2021

Last month, Dr. Ioannis Ioakeimidis attended the eHealth 2021 conference on behalf of BigO.  eHealth is a 1-day conference on the developments in eHealth research in South-Eastern Sweden. It was organized by Linköping University and the Östergötland country on March 16th. BigO got the opportunity to contribute to this conference with a keynote presentation. The…

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Prof. Maria Hassapidou and Irini Lekka presented the results of the project in Thessaloniki

30 March 2021

In Thessaloniki, two different municipalities have joined the BigO project in the last years. These municipalaties differ not only in socioeconomic levels, but also in urban and food environment. In total, approximately 1000 students of Ampelokipi-Menemeni and Pylea-Hortiatis joined the BigO project as citizen scienctists. They used the MyBigO app and collected data for the…

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BigO used as a case for a data science course at Wageningen University

23 March 2021

Last week, Esther Kok, presented the BigO project during the mastercourse Data Science for Smart Environments at Wageningen University. During this course, students use data science to analyse a case. These casus all focus on the effects of the environment. BigO is an excellent example of such a project, as it foccusses on the effect…

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