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BigO presented in course at Adolescent Health/Medicine Course

1 October 2021

The BigO project will be presented at the 14th State of the Art Adolescent Health/Medicine Course by the team from Prof.Charmandari (BRFAA).

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The BigO team analyse data collected from citizen scientists via the BigO app

8 May 2018

Following the successful deployment of the first live-version of the data collection app, BigO scientists have started looking at real data in an effort to evaluate the data collection system and the ensuing analysis. BigO aims collect data from ‘citizen scientists’ to make estimations about the behaviours of children and teenagers, always in connection with…

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UCD initiates Delphi Panel study to establish key indicators for monitoring and evaluating childhood obesity

16 April 2018

BigO consortium partner, University College Dublin (UCD), is working to engage with leading public health authorities throughout Europe to co-develop a technological system that would be useful to public health authorities for monitoring childhood obesity and evaluating population-level prevention/treatment approaches. To achieve this, they are carrying out a Delphi Panel study with experts in the field of…

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The Mando Group delivers training to the Temple Street Children’s University Hospital on the Mandometer Method

9 April 2018

On April 3-4, the Mando Group met with the Temple Street Children’s University Hospital in Dublin to provide training on the Mandometer Method for normalising eating behaviour and teaching people identify and re-establish hunger and satiety signals.  The Mandometer device will be used in upcoming BigO pilot studies to collect data on the eating behaviour…

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123 meal pictures uploaded to BigO servers in pilot at Ekpaideftiria N. Mpakogianni high school in Greece

29 March 2018

On Thursday 22 March, 10 students from Ekpaideftiria N. Mpakogianni (EKP) high school in Greece were given smartwatches to use in conjunction with the BigO app to collect data on physical activity, food consumption, food advertising encountered in everyday life, and other metrics over a two-week period.  A total of 123 meal pictures, including breakfast,…

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Data collection pilot at Ellinogermaniki Agogi elementary school in Athens commences

26 March 2018

On Friday 16 March, 18 9-year old children from Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) elementary school in Athens received smartwatches and were given instructions for their parents to download and use the BigO app on their mobile phones and connect to their child’s smartwatch.  Nine children have successfully registered, and we have been receiving meal pictures as…

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BigO presents at Erasmus+ ‘Pro-healthy lifestyle with your mobile phone’ meeting in Greece

2 March 2018

In February 2018, the BigO team presented the current version of the BigO app and offered hands on demonstrations to attendees at an Erasmus+ ‘Pro-healthy lifestyle with your mobile phone’ meeting at the Technical High School 1st EPAL KALAMARIAS in Thessaloniki, Greece.  The meeting consisted of 36 students and 9 teachers from the I Liceum Ogólnokształcące…

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Swedish high school students use the BigO system for their school project

5 January 2018

Twenty-five students from the IEGS high school in Stockholm, acting as ‘citizen scientists’, used the BigO app to photograph and map all the advertisements they encountered in three geographic Stockholm regions with distinctly different demographics. Afterwards the students analysed the collected pictures in order to quantify the types of advertisements per region. The students focused…

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Pre-pilot confirms operability of data collection technology

8 December 2017

Students aged 15-16 at the IEGS high school in Stockholm have, since November 14th, been using the BigO app to photograph and upload food advertisements that they encounter in their everyday life. As of December 8th, a total of 367 images have been uploaded and the collection points can be viewed on the community portal…

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First students in The Netherlands have been acting as citizen scientists

24 November 2017

On Friday November 24th, five young citizen scientists (12-14 years old) have participated in a pilot in the Netherlands. During 45 minutes they captured food advertisements in shopping area of the city centre of Ede (~112,000 inhabitants, 318.6 km²). The purpose was to see whether children can help us in collecting data on their own…

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