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BigO presented at ICOST 2019

15 November 2019

Last October, the International Conference On Smart Living and Public Health (ICOST 2019) took place in New York City, USA. This conference was fundamentally oriented to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Public Health and Urban Living. On October 15, BigO was represented by Sergio Guillen, Deputy Project Coordinator of ACTIVAGE and Chief Innovation Officer of…

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BigO sponsored an educational event in Agios Nikolaos, Imathia (Greece)

13 May 2019

BigO sponsored an educational event that took place on Wednesday the 8th of May, 2019 on the beautiful site of Agios Nikolaos, Imathia (Greece). In a green environment, students of the 1st EPAL Kalamarias (Greece) participating in the BigO program discussed healthy lifestyle issues, learned about the benefits of systematic exercise, participated in sports activities, danced, and…

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The European Big Data Hackathon was successfully completed with the help of BigO!

26 March 2019

The ‘myBigO‘ app was one of the two applications that were used for data collection for the European Big Data Hackathon. During the event, the hackathon teams were given raw data collected by the app, meal self-reports and pictures, as well as behavioural indicators extracted by the BigO system related to physical activity, transportation modes …

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KI researchers discussed the challenge of childhood obesity with students of IES in Stockholm, Sweden

20 March 2019

On March 7th and 8th, scientists from Karolinska Institute gave a series of invited lectures to around 90 students of Internationella Engelska Skolan in central Stockholm, regarding the social challenge of childhood obesity, presenting them with up-to-date scientific information on the matter. The presentation also covered potential use of novel methodologies, like the myBigO app,…

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BigO at the 4th European Health Literacy conference in Dublin, Ireland

18 March 2019

Prof. Gerardine Doyle, Dr Shane O’Donnell and Mr. James O’Connor proudly presented research undertaken as part of the BigO project at the 4th European Health Literacy conference which took place in University College Dublin last week. The conference featured two scientific posters outlining the latest findings from the BigO Delphi panel study, as well the…

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Visit of IEGS & KI to an IES school in Länna, Stockholm

25 February 2019

On 18 February, 2019 KI and IEGS personnel visited the secondary school Internationella Engelska Skolan in Länna, in order to answer students’ and teachers’ questions about using the BigO system during projects organized through physical education. The visiting personnel met with around 90 enthusiastic students (13-14 years old) from three classes and their physical education…

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myBigO app now available for iOS!

22 February 2019

The myBigO app has been released in the iOS App Store! The app is available for both iPhone and iPad running on iOS 10.0 or higher and can be found by simply searching for “myBigO”. Users must receive a registration code through their participating school or clinic. This registration code will be asked at first…

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BigO presented at Ekpaideftiria Vassiliadi (Greece)

21 February 2019

The Ekpaideftiria Vassiliadi high school will also participate in BigO’s ‘Organized student participation in outer network schools’. On 13 February, 2019 the BigO project was presented by Mrs. Irini Lekka, BigO’s Technical Manager, to around 250 students aged 12-17 years old and their teachers. Students were informed about the project, its usage, how to participate,…

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The 1st EPAL Kalamarias (Greece) participates in BigO

11 February 2019

The Technical High School 1st EPAL KALAMARIAS in Thessaloniki, Greece will participate as part of BigO’s organized student participation in outer network schools. On 5 February 2019 BigO was presented by Mrs. Kostelidou Theodora and Mrs. Razakou Fotini to approximately 40 nursing and food technology students and 5 of their teachers, as part of a Health Care…

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BigO at Eurostat EU Hackathon 2019!

18 January 2019

The BigO monitoring system, including the myBigO mobile app and the back-end platform,  has attracted high interest from the European Union Statistical Office (Eurostat) who have decided to adopt it for the EU HACKATHON 2019.  BigO is one of the selected platforms to generate big data for the hackathon. After being tested by Eurostat researchers…

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