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Final version review paper published

25 October 2022

Our last news item already described our newest paper: Toward Systems Models for Obesity Prevention: A Big Role for Big Data. 
The final version of the review paper is now published in Current Developments in Nutrition.

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BigO on eICDAM2021

16 February 2021

Last week, the Division of Human Nutrition and Health of Wageningen University & Research organized the online conference eICDAM2021. ICDAM is an international conference focussing on improving methods and measures for diet and physical activity. Over 350 participants from all over the world visited the conference. BigO got to contribute with the ePoster shown below.…

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EKP students received medals for data collection

9 February 2021

Sixth grade students of primary school Ekpaidefteria N. Mpakogianni joined the BigO project. They collected data by wearing the BigO smart watches. Last week, EKP held a ceremony for the students. Here, the 21 students received gold and silver medals for their contribution. The students were very enthusiastic about the BigO project. They were also…

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New school: Stratford College in Dublin used the MyBigO App

2 February 2021

Last December, the Stratford College has completed the BigO data collection study. Stratford College is a secondary school in the Rathfarnham area in Dublin, Ireland. The BigO project in Stratford college was lead by computer science teacher Helen O’Kelly. Other school teachers who supported the BigO study include David Fennell, Linda Finnegan, Roisin Cahill, and Sean…

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The BigO project at MADiMa2020

15 January 2021

Last week, the 6th International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management (MADiMa2020) took place. MADiMa aims to bring together researchers from the diverse fields of engineering, computer science and nutrition who investigate the use of information and communication technologies for better monitoring, assessment and management of food intake. The researchers present and demonstrate their latest…

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The Public Health Authorities portal is live

23 December 2020

The Public Health Authorities (PHA) portal on the BigO website is live. The PHA portal constitutes one of the main outcomes of the BigO project. The PHA is a tool for the extraction of associations between children’s obesogenic behaviours and local environment using big data. The portal has four main functionalities. These functionalities include, (a)…

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The BigO project will be presented at MADiMa2020 in January 2021

11 December 2020

On 10-15 January the 6th International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management will take place. However, this year, the conference is in conjunction with ICPR2020, the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. MADiMa aims to bring together researchers from the diverse fields of engineering, computer science and nutrition who investigate the use of information and…

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A new article has been published

4 December 2020

Last week, the Delphi Panel study is published in the journal BMC Public Health. The article is titled: ‘Establishing consensus on key public health indicators for the monitoring and evaluating childhood obesity interventions: a Delphi panel study’. The aim of the study was to indentify indicators pertaining to childhood obesity that should be prioritsed in monitoring…

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BigO presented on the open classroom conference 2020

27 November 2020

Saterday 7 November, Big O presented an event, called:  “Schools as sites for Food System Transformation”. The Open Classroom Conference 2020 “New challenges for school change”, organized this event. Which is aiming to highlight the concept of Open School Culture. Therefore, the goal of the session is to explore new approaches for overcoming the growing…

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New milestone: 100.000 meal pictures collected

20 November 2020

Children participating in the BigO project are collecting pictures of the meals they eat. Last week, we reached the milestone of 5000 registered users for the myBigO app. Together, these 5000 citizen scientists have submitted 100,000 meal pictures. When looking at all 5000 users, 72% took at least one meal picture. Only 35% of the users…

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