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New scientific publication

20 October 2020

A new scientific publication on the use of a smartphone app for monitoring dietary habits in the journal JMIR mHealth and uHealth. The paper is titled, “Formative Evaluation of a Smartphone App for Monitoring Daily Meal Distribution and Food Selection in Adolescents: Acceptability and Usability Study”. This study aimed to evaluate a newly developed mHealth…

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First scientific paper from citizen science project @school

8 January 2020

Students from IEGS helped researchers to identify food advertisements in neighborhoods in Stockholm as citizen scientists. All advertisements in two areas of Stockholm (Skärholmen and Östermalm) were captured by the use of the BigO mobile phone technology. The data collection was done together with students and teachers from Internationella Engelska Gymnasieskolan Södermalm (IEGS). Petter Fagerberg, who is doing his Ph.D. work in the context of the BigO project explains his work that is now published in a highly ranked scientific journal. This is the first scientific paper that is based on data collected in a citizen scientist project at a participating @school.

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BigO presented at MobiHealth 2019

10 December 2019

Leandros Stefanopoulos from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki presented his newest paper about BigO at the MobiHealth Coference. This International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare took place on November 14 and 15 in Dublin.

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Greek primary school students wear smartwatches for BigO

6 December 2019

4th grade primary school students from the Ellinogermaniki Agogi school in Athens participate in the BigO project. The students wear smartwatches that record their physical activity and sleep duration. At the same time students record their meals for two weeks on specially formatted log sheets and take pictures of them. After collecting all the data, they are discussed in class.

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BigO’s data keeps increasing

3 December 2019

Since the start of BigO program in schools and clinics, the number of students contributing to the program and the amount of collected data has increased significantly. Children and adolescences from Greece, Sweden and Ireland have been asked to take pictures of meals they consume and food advertisements they encounter. Furthermore, steps and activity counts per geographic location or “geohash” are measured and visualized.

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First BigO explainer video published

29 November 2019

On december 1 2019 at 12:00 AM the first BigO explainer video will be published on BigO’s YouTube channel.

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New scientific publication

22 November 2019

A new scientific paper about BigO has been published on november 4 2019. This paper which is titled “A methodology for obtaining objective measurements of population obesogenic behaviors in relation to the environment” is published in the Statistical Journal of the IAOS. In the paper, an overview of the BigO methodology for collecting evidence on…

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BigO presented at the European Childhood Obesity Group Annual Congress (ECOG) 2019

19 November 2019

BigO had a strong presence at the ECOG 2019 conference on November 13-16 at Katowice Poland. The conference brought together professionals from all around Europe dealing with childhood obesity and overweight. In collaboration with the ECOG’s board, BigO organized a plenary session to inform the audience around “Smart technologies and BigO data to help policy…

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BigO presented at ICOST 2019

15 November 2019

Last October, the International Conference On Smart Living and Public Health (ICOST 2019) took place in New York City, USA. This conference was fundamentally oriented to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Public Health and Urban Living. On October 15, BigO was represented by Sergio Guillen, Deputy Project Coordinator of ACTIVAGE and Chief Innovation Officer of…

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Data of clinical feasibility study presented at FENS

30 October 2019

The clinical team from Childrens’s Health Ireland (Temple Street, Dublin) attended the FENS meeting in Dublin. FENS is the European Nutrition Conference, one of the biggest conferences on Nutrition in Europe. The team presented data from their mHealth and BigO feasibility study.

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