22nd Infocom World 2020 conference


Last week, 4-6 November, the 22nd Infocom World 2020 conference took place. The conference dealt with the challenges, opportunities and changes that 5G technology brings. It was titled “Transforming Greece: The 5G and Fiber Enablers – The Future is Now!”. During this conference, partners from BigO got the opportunity to contribute with a presentation and a workshop.

Dr. Konstantinos Filis gave an oral presentation, titled, “BigO: data against childhood obesity”. He gave an overview of the project and presented some of the results obtained so far. The presentation is still available online, via the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEQ-9qrZU5Y. The presenation of Dr. Konstantinos Filis starts at 7:04:17.

In addition to the oral presentation, OTE and COSMOTE organized a scientific workshop on the 3rd day of the conference. The workshop was titled “The Actions of European Research Programs as a Basic “Motivational Lever” for the Successful Design, Development and Implementation of 5G Networks and Applications. Results from Research Programs of the OTE Group of Companies and third parties.” Additional information about the workshop can be found here.