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Delphi study2

Last week, the Delphi Panel study is published in the journal BMC Public Health. The article is titled: ‘Establishing consensus on key public health indicators for the monitoring and evaluating childhood obesity interventions: a Delphi panel study’. The aim of the study was to indentify indicators pertaining to childhood obesity that should be prioritsed in monitoring and evaluating childhood obesity interventions.

The Delphi Panel consisted of experts with a remit in childhood obesity intervention from all across Europe. The experts had to identify indicatiors that were a priority in their efforts to address childhood obesity. After that, the experts rated the importance of each of the identified indicators. Eventually, the panel reached conseses on forty-five potential indicators, pertaining primarily to the dietary environment, built environment and health inequalities. These forty-five indicatiors pertain primarily to three domains. These three domains include built environment, dietary environments and health inequalities.

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