BigO has been presented at the AGORA meeting in Warnsveld (NL)


On November 14th The BigO project has been presented during the symposium that was held on the occasion of the anniversary of AGORA in Warnsveld, the Netherlands. AGORA is a research alliance between the regional municipal health agency (GGD Zuid-Oost Nederland) and Wageningen University that was founded in 2005. AGORA is Greek for market place; the alliance is founded to strengthen connections between academia and practice; it is a marketplace were applied and fundamental researchers can find mutual research interest and start research projects.


During the symposium a diverse group of health policy advisors, epidemiologists and researchers were discussing actual issues on health policy, such as childhood obesity and care of elderly. One of the discussions was on the public space and how this may affect health related behaviour. The citizen scientist and big data approach of BigO was introduced as a novel and research methodology concept to collect information on local environmental risk factors and health related behaviour, such as diet and physical activity. During the meeting contact has been made between local health policy advisors, and opportunities for cooperation were explored.