BigO presented to teachers from different schools in the Stockholm area (Sweden)


On October 5th representatives from KI and IEGS presented the BigO System (the mobile app and the School Portal) to Physical Education, Science, and Home Economy teachers in the facilities of IEGS in central Stockholm. The participating teachers came from 3 different schools in the Stockholm area (IES Årsta, IES Hässelby, and IES Länna) and they had the chance to test the BigO mobile app themselves and discuss potential uses of the system for different types of school projects. The meeting was arranged in preparation for the planned data collection actions of the project in Sweden during the 2018-2019 educational year, establishing the basis for an extended collaboration among the represented organizations.

Additionally, on October 19th, two IEGS personnel met with representatives of IES Täby, presenting the BigO app and discussing the possibility to use it for a school-wide citizen science action, involving all the school students into data collection about their dietary habits.

All the BigO-supported data collection actions in Sweden are expected to initiate by the end of November 2018!