BigO’s data keeps increasing


Since the start of BigO program in schools and clinics, the number of students contributing to the program and the amount of collected data has increased significantly. Children and adolescences from Greece, Sweden and Ireland have been asked to take pictures of meals they consume and food advertisements they encounter. Furthermore, steps and activity counts per geographic location or “geohash” are measured and visualized.

Currently over 3,000 participants have contributed data.

In total, 61% of the children collected more than 4 hours of GPS data, with 29% of the participants contributing data for more than 2 weeks. In total, we collected over 44,000 meal pictures.

When looking at Android users only, 69% of the children collected over 4 hours of physical activity data and 34% provided this data for a period of more than 2 weeks.

The pictures below present the activity counts per geohash in Stockholm, Athens and Thessaloniki. The increasing number of geohashes on the maps clearly shows that a larger number of children was using the BigO app in October 2019 compared to earlier 2019.