Dr. Sarah Browne and Dr. Grace O’Malley presented BigO at ASOI 2019 in Dublin


The ASOI (Association for the Study of Obesity in Ireland) hosted its 7th Annual Conference and AGM on 17 and 18 May 2019 in Dublin.  Speakers came from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, including clinical, social science, media and patients. Many sessions were led by patient representatives. Topics included the role of genetics in determining body weight, family-based approaches to healthy weight management (food, sleep & activity), the unknowns of living with obesity, and approaches to reduce obesity stigma.  The inclusion of speakers from the Canadian Obesity Network who shared specific expertise in how to deliver non-stigmatising public health campaigns was of particular interest.

Dr. Sarah Browne and Dr. Grace O’Malley represented the BigO project.  They presented a poster detailing the findings from the BigO feasibility study at Temple St. Children’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.  The conference was well attended by health and social care professionals, including GPs, dietitians, nurses, nutritionists, physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists; people living with obesity; and media professionals.