Dutch students developed a lesson program regarding the myBigO app


Hello, we are five students (Dries, Naomi, Lisanne, Marije en Tessa) from Het Streek Bovenbuurtweg (Ede, The Netherlands). We are in our fourth year of pre-university education. For our O&O class we were given the assignment to put together a lesson program consisting of two lessons, based on the BigO-app. We had to give those lessons to several students. Monica Mars and Desiree Lucassen, experts in the field of measuring behavior through apps, gave this assignment to us. O&O is a subject in our school. It stands for ‘Onderzoeken en Ontwerpen’, which means Research and Design. We receive various assignments throughout the year, including this project.

In the first lesson, the students were told about a healthy eating and living environment. In the first lesson we also analysed by a kahoot how healthy the students were already living. We explained how the BigO-app itself works, and we asked the students to use this app for a week. We analysed the data they had collected. Our conclusions and observations were shared with the students in the second lesson. Two of the students had even earned a medal because they had made the most pictures.

We were very pleased with this project and we had a great deal of fun giving the lessons to the students. When the students ate and how much they ate resulted in a clear graph. In the second lesson we were able to talk about the results of the graph. The students were confronted with the fact that most of the non-healthy advertisements came from their own school. Mrs. Mars explained she can make good use of our results; we were glad to hear that!

We learned a lot because of this project. We did our own research so we could give interesting and useful lessons. A lot of research was necessary to properly understand the project, so we did research on a healthy living environment and we also did some research on the BigO-app. This came in very useful further in the project. Lastly, we gained more experience by the teaching itself.