New schools in Thessaloniki have participated in the BigO project


Researches of the International Hellenic University frequently present the BigO project at schools to explain the project and recruit students. They already presented the BigO project at six Primary Schools and fourteen High Schools in two different Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Greece. Among these schools were the 3rd Primary School of Ampelokipoi, the 1st Primary School of Filyro and the 2nd Primary School of Filyro. Students of these schools participated in the BigO project for two weeks. They did this by photographing their meals and food advertisement in the neighborhood. After these two weeks, all students received a BigO certificate of participation. In addition, students with the highest contribution received BigO medals.

Thus far, in Thessaloniki alone, about 800 students aged 9-18 have enrolled in data collection actions. In total, they contributed with over 10,000 photographs of their meals!