Presentation about BigO at EDEN OCC2020


Saterday 7 November (11.00-15.30 CET) a presentation is organized, called: “Schools as sites for Food System Transformation”. This event is organized in the context of the Open Classroom Conference 2020 “New challenges for school change”. Which is aiming to highlight the concept of Open School Culture.

The goal of the session is to explore new approaches for overcoming the growing divide between consumption and food knowledge. For example by engaging schools in (re-)connecting young people with the land as well by strengthening the link between urban and agricultural communities, while providing hands-on learning opportunities. This includes for example the cultivation of school gardens, the interdisciplinary projects on the whole food and nutrition system, entrepreneurship initiatives for older students, but also through actions, such as the prevention of food waste and the proper management of waste within the school and beyond it.

The school utilizes the cooperation and interaction of community members by providing learning and information opportunities on the extremely important nutrition issues for tomorrow’s responsible citizens. Selected innovative school projects and actions at national and European level will be presented by EA partners. BigO will be represented by Ioannis Ioakeimidis (Karolinska Institute). The presentation will be about “Big data against childhood Obesity in Schools: use cases from Sweden and comparison with Greece”.

All interested educators and stakeholders around the food system, even citizens are invited. Not only to attend, but also to collaborate with us in order to transform the food system and support the implementation and acceleration of the relevant food system innovations. You can watch the live session on our YouTube channel or via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 922 5701 5709