Researchers from BigO team up with researchers from KI for ISBNPA


On June 6th, 2019 researchers from the BigO project were present during the annual meeting of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) in Prague. During this conference, the BigO researchers presented the project during the symposium entitled: ‘Use of Behavioural Big Data and Citizen Science to enrich scientific data on (un)healthy behaviours. From the Individual to Public Health actions’ (Convenor: Prof. Marie Löf, Karolinska Institutet).

Dr. Ioakeimidis (BigO, KI) presented the BigO platform and measures and the potential of Big Data. Next, dr. Hendriksson (KI) presented the Smart City Active Mobile Phone Intervention (SCAMPI) study to promote physical activity through active transportation using GPS data in healthy adults. Finally, dr. Mars (BigO, WU) presented the translation of BigO to public health use, which included results from the recently performed Delphi study among public health professionals. The audience mainly consisted of behavioral scientist and the symposium was followed by a liveley discussion on the use of big data in behavioral science.