The 1st EPAL Kalamarias (Greece) participates in BigO


The Technical High School 1st EPAL KALAMARIAS in Thessaloniki, Greece will participate as part of BigO’s organized student participation in outer network schools. On 5 February 2019 BigO was presented by Mrs. Kostelidou Theodora and Mrs. Razakou Fotini to approximately 40 nursing and food technology students and 5 of their teachers, as part of a Health Care program that has a main focus on obesity.

Students were informed about the project and its usage, as well as the advantages of using new technologies in managing Big Data to extract information in an attempt to tackle (childhood) obesity. In the next few days BigO will be presented to more students, alongside activities and workshops to raise awareness on childhood obesity.

In total, 300 students of EPAL Kalamarias, aged 17, are expected to contribute to the BigO data collection via school projects linked with the Erasmus+ EU project ‘Pro-healthy lifestyle with your mobile phone’.