The BigO project will be presented at MADiMa2020 in January 2021


On 10-15 January the 6th International Workshop on Multimedia Assisted Dietary Management will take place. However, this year, the conference is in conjunction with ICPR2020, the 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition.

MADiMa aims to bring together researchers from the diverse fields of engineering, computer science and nutrition who investigate the use of information and communication technologies for better monitoring, assessment and management of food intake. The researchers will present and demonstrate their latest progress and discuss novel ideas in the field. Dr. Anastasios Delopoulos is one of the researchers that will present at the conference. MADiMa invited him to present the BigO project. During the presentation Dr. Delopoulos will discuss the aproach taken within the project. Additionally, he will demonstrate indicative results of the big behavioural data analysis and causal modeling.