The Public Health Authorities portal is live

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The Public Health Authorities (PHA) portal on the BigO website is live. The PHA portal constitutes one of the main outcomes of the BigO project. The PHA is a tool for the extraction of associations between children’s obesogenic behaviours and local environment using big data. The portal has four main functionalities. These functionalities include, (a) data exploration, (b) extraction of associations, (c) evaluation of an intervention and (d) predict of a behaviour after an intervention.

The PHA portal is implemented as a web interface. Potential users include (i) local health authorities and policy makers which develop and deliver actions to change obesogenic factors and reduce obesity, (ii) researchers focusing on the understanding of obesity and the factors that influence it, e.g., data scientists, epidemiologists, and (iii) public and local educational and social services. In addition, citizens interested in exploring data of their region and/or country can also benefit from the provided tools. The most recent implementation of the PHA is publicly available. Thus, when interested you can use this link to explore the data.