UCD initiates Delphi Panel study to establish key indicators for monitoring and evaluating childhood obesity


BigO consortium partner, University College Dublin (UCD), is working to engage with leading public health authorities throughout Europe to co-develop a technological system that would be useful to public health authorities for monitoring childhood obesity and evaluating population-level prevention/treatment approaches.

To achieve this, they are carrying out a Delphi Panel study with experts in the field of public health to establish the key indicators or measures that are a priority for the monitoring and evaluation of childhood obesity over the next 5 – 10 years across Europe. This panel of experts will consist of 10-15 individuals who have a direct influence over the development and implementation of policies aimed at reducing childhood obesity in BigO participating countries ( Sweden, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain).

The information gathered as a result of this study will go on directly to inform the parameters of the BigO data monitoring system which will be initially rolled out in Sweden, Greece, Ireland and The Netherlands and then later across Europe.