Scientific Publications


A methodology for obtaining objective measurements of population obesogenic behaviors in relation to the environment. Christos Diou, Ioannis Sarafis, Vasileios Papapanagiotou, Ioannis Ioakimidis, Anastasios Delopoulos

Span error bound for weighted SVM with applications in hyperparameter selection. Ioannis Sarafis, Christos Diou, Anastasios Delopoulos.


Automatic analysis of food intake and meal microstructure based on continuous weight measurements. Papapanagiotou, V., Diou, C., Ioakimidis, I., Sodersten, P., & Delopoulos, A.

Control of Eating Behavior Using a Novel Feedback System. Esfandiari, M., Papapanagiotou, V., Diou, C., Zandian, M., Nolstam, J., Södersten, P., & Bergh, C.

Image-Based Surrogates of Socio-Economic Status in Urban Neighborhoods Using Deep Multiple Instance Learning. Diou, C., Lelekas, P., & Delopoulos, A.

End-to-end Learning for Measuring in-meal Eating Behavior from a Smartwatch. Kyritsis, K., Diou, C., & Delopoulos, A.

Personalised meal eating behaviour analysis via semi-supervised learning. Papadopoulos, A., Kyritsis, K., Sarafis, I., & Delopoulos, A.

Modeling Wrist Micromovements to Measure In-Meal Eating Behavior from Inertial Sensor Data. Konstantinos Kyritsis, Christos Diou, Anastasios Delopoulos.