Emilia Vassilopoulou

Emilia Vassilopoulou is an Assistant Professor of Diet and Nutrition in the Department of Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics at the International Hellenic University. She is a Registered Clinical Dietitian and a Psychologist.
She holds a PhD from the Medical School of Athens University and a Post Doctoral from the same university, with more thatn 15 years research experience as a senior researcher and participation in EU and national funded projects, in both in vitro and in vivo diagnosis and characterization of allergens, as well as the implementation of Medical Diet Therapy (MDT) for several disease among which allergies, obesity and eating disorders. Her main areas of research are the food allergen characterization, as well as the parallel behavioral and dietary modification of eating habits for increased adherence to MDT implementation for weight management, obesity, food allergy, eating disorders, and other disease, with a significant number of relevant research publications and participation in conference proceedings

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