Prof. Tahar Kechadi

Professor M-Tahar Kechadi was awarded his Master’s degree and PhD in Computer Science from University of Lille 1, France. After which he won one of the prestigious EU post-doctoral fellowships under TMR programme, at UCD. Currently, he is a Professor at School of Computer Science, University College Dublin (UCD). His research span the areas of data mining, distributed data mining, heterogeneous distributed systems, big data, cloud computing, digital forensics and cyber-crime investigations. Currently, his research interests are primarily in;
- Big Data Analytics techniques and models and their execution environments and applications;
- Cloud/Grid computing and services for supporting data access, management, and mining processes;
- Data Privacy, Digital Forensics and cybercrime investigations.

Professor Kechadi has published over 350 research articles in refereed journals and conferences. He serves on the scientific committees for a number of international conferences and he organized and hosted one of the leading conferences in his area. He is an editor of the Journal of Future Generation of Computer Systems. Professor Kechadi has been involved in international collaborations, in particular with researchers at the Universities of Tennessee, Purdue, Liverpool, Lille and Artois (France) and CERN. He is currently full member at CERN. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Artois – Bethune since 2002, and is currently visiting professor at the Fuzhou University, China. Prof Kechadi is a Principal Investigator in Insight Centre for data Analytics; the biggest research Data Centre in Ireland, and CONSUS project, one of the biggest project in Big data analytics applied to agriculture.

Tahar Kechadi