Sarah Browne

Dr. Sarah Browne is a senior post-doctoral researcher with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and assistant professor in nutrition and dietetics at University College Dublin. Sarah is a registered dietitian having graduated as a clinical nutritionist/dietitian from Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Institute of Technology (now TUD) in 2006. She worked as a health service community dietitian and in health promotion with young people for six years before returning to research full time. Her research interests include food and physical activity environments and how they influence the health related behaviours of children and adolescents. Sarah completed her doctoral research on this topic in the secondary school setting in Ireland and contributed new findings by comparing nutrition quality in students’ food choices from a range of environmental settings. Participatory research methods are an important element of her research approach when working with young people. Sarah is a committee member at the Association for the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland. For the BigO project she works with the W82GO weight management service at Children's Health Ireland, Temple St., implementing and evaluating the BigO clinical study among children in treatment for obesity.

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
UCD School Of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science - Dr Sarah Browne, Assistant Professor